Monday, February 23, 2015

Player Parent Meeting - Football

There will be a parent meeting this Wednesday, February 25th for the 2015 sophomores, juniors and seniors at 7:00 p.m. in the WHS Auditorium with Coach Moore.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Updates from WHS Athletic Office

2-21-15 JV Boys Basketball game will start at 5:00 against Ashland and the Varsity game with start at 6:30.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Welcome to MASSILLON! The City of Champions and MUCH MORE!


Below is a great article written by one of our forum users at Massillon Proud.  We all have monikers and handles we use to identify ourselves, but behind them we are REAL people.  Shreve Legal Team is one of favorite users and he is truly MASSILLON through and through.  We hope you enjoy his article and we look forward to you being part of our community.  #GoTigers!

Welcome to Massillon, Coach Moore
By Shreve Legal Team

One can imagine what will go through coach Nate Moore’s mind over the next few weeks or months. After taking the Massillon Tiger football head coaching job, Nate will have to finish out his tenure at Cincinnati LaSalle. He’ll have to say goodbye to students, co-workers, neighbors, friends, family, and say goodbye to a Cincinnati and Southwest Ohio region that’s been his home for most of his life.

Coach Moore grew up in Mason, Ohio, which is a fast-growing, nice area in the northern Cincinnati suburbs. You would know Mason as it’s the home of Kings Island. Jungle Jim’s International Market with practically all of the world’s food and drink is not far from Mason and so is IKEA. Mason is a happening area in Greater Cincinnati. The College Football Hall of Fame used to be in Mason before moving to South Bend and now Atlanta.

Coach Moore is leaving behind Cincinnati icons like Skyline Chili, LaRosa’s Pizza, the Reds (Cincinnati is a huge baseball town where professional baseball began), the Montgomery Inn, the Bengals (started by Massillon’s own Paul Brown), the world-class Cincinnati Zoo, world class museums, great schools in Mason, and a riverfront that continues to add attractions like new aquariums, restaurants, and shopping. The second largest Oktoberfest in the world outside of Munich is in Cincinnati. There are so many more things attractive to a young family in the Cincinnati area and for someone who grew up in the Queen City like coach Moore, it can not be easy to walk away from.

On top of this, LaSalle appears to be a loaded team for the 2015 season. And Coach Moore’s wife Becca is an Assistant Principal at a Cincinnati school.
There are so many reasons, attractive ones, for coach Nate Moore to stay in Cincinnati. And Massillon should be extremely flattered that Cincinnati people like Nate and Becca Moore are walking away from their home to Massillon. Massillon, they picked YOU. They didn’t turn you down. They said YES, we will come to Massillon, we will live here, we will work here, and we will join you.

A cynic would say “why?” Why come to Massillon? Frankly, those cynics are in Massillon but most are in Northeast Ohio and are fans of other high school football teams in Stark, Summit, and Cuyahoga County.

So, why? Why would Nate Moore come to Massillon?

Like WKRP in Cincinnati’s Program Director Andy Travis, coach Moore is a go-getter. He wants the challenge of coaching Massillon. Moore rebuilt the Minster football program in the toughest league in Ohio, the Midwest Athletic Conference (where St. Henry, Coldwater, Delphos St. John, Marion Local, and so many great teams call home). Moore rebuilt LaSalle into state championship territory that was unfamiliar to them. His wife didn’t become an assistant principal by being complacent. You don’t advance in any job by being complacent.

So, coach Moore, as a Massillon native, what can the Shreve Legal Team tell you about Massillon? Massillon is a special place. In bullet points:

It’s fans who have watched and loved their Tigers for decades. In the SLT’s youth, it was old timers smoking cigars in the stands who grew up in the Paul Brown years of 1932-40, and even before that. It’s fans who remember leather helmets, the clashes with teams like McKinley, Barberton, Mansfield, Warren, Steubenville, Alliance, Niles, Cleveland Cathedral Latin, Cleveland Benedictine, and so many more. Now, maybe it’s fans who still remember the 1950’s or 60’s and are more familiar with the teams of the 70’s, 80’s, and beyond.
It’s a town with an abundant opportunity for a young family. Swimming lessons at the Recreation Center for children, bike paths all through town (we recommend the 16-mile Shreve Legal Team death march from Massillon to the Dalton Dari-Ette, eat, and turn around to go home), golf courses abound, a nice movie theater, little hidden gem restaurants like Bella Serra or the Coffee Cup or Kozmo’s or New Home Sing or Cameo Grill, every retail store you could possibly need, a local Massillon Museum that is vibrant (how many towns of 30,000 can say they have a Massillon Museum?), a restored 100 year old movie theater at The Lincoln, old school architecture on 4th Street, Libermann’s Bakery, Johnny’s Pastry, steak from Meat Packer’s Outlet, subs from John George’s, and pizza. Pizza, Pizza, Pizza. From Kraus’ double crust, to South Erie Pizza, to Your Pizza, to Jay’s Pizza, to Smiley’s downtown. And others we are forgetting, we’re sure.
Massillon is a diverse community and that makes us better. Others in Stark County belittle our community and they just refuse to understand. People of all walks of life worked in the steel mills and came here.
Massillon is a community that gives back. Go to the “COOL” event in the summer. Community Outreach of Love where volunteers from churches and the community restore homes in Massillon neighborhoods. For nothing.
Massillon is St. Mary’s Catholic Church overlooking the town.
Massillon is baklava from St. George’s Greek Orthodox Church and their Greek Oktoberfest.
Massillon is a first-class library system in a beautiful old building.
Massillon is not the wasteland others will tell you. Shearer’s Snack Foods located here. So did an operation of Baker Hughes. Heinz has a factory. So do many others that most people don’t even know about.
Massillon is Mid’s Spaghetti Sauce, Gold’n Krisp potato chips, chicken at the Country Inn, burgers at Menches (who claim they invented the hamburger).
Massillon is a football mural in the heart of downtown, forever reminding you of what our sport is here.
Massillon is still successful. The negatives will tell you we haven’t won a state title since 1970. What they WON’T tell you are the teams in 1972, 1979, 1980, 1982, 1989, 1991, 2001, 2002, 2005, and 2009 that went to either the Final 4 or state title game. 10 times in roughly 40 years of the playoffs with an enrollment small for Division 1 and now in Division 2.
Massillon, it was once said, was not a team of athletes, but a team of football players.
Massillon is childhood memories for so many. It could be the simplest thing like reading the “Evening Independent” (remember when they called it that) as a kid or riding your bike through town or a backyard football game.
Massillon is a shot ‘n a beer kind of town with taverns like the Alibi, Cameo, TJ Dillon’s.
Massillon is a town of people with big hearts. It’s people who will shovel your driveway if you have health problems like my mother does. It’s people who care.
Massillon IS a City of Champions. What else can be said?

In closing, we encourage coach Moore and his family to get to know our city. Hit up some of the things we’ve mentioned to enjoy our town. Ignore the negative people from either outside or inside Massillon. Do your thing, coach. We at SUPPORT YOU and, trust us, Die Hard Eric (Eric Smith) is a fine caretaker of Massillon Proud. Use as a communications tool with the fans; embrace them.

Welcome to Massillon coach Moore and family! 

PS, don’t follow any of the Cleveland pro sports teams. You don’t need the heartbreak or useless agitation. And, coach Moore, if you get a craving for Skyline Chili, there’s a Skyline about one hour west of Massillon in Ontario, Ohio, at the Lex-Springmill Road exit near Mansfield.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Nate Moore Era Begins in Massillon

Massillon has a new head football coach.  Nate Moore from Cincinnati LaSalle 2014 D2 State Champions has accepted an offer to be Massillon's next head coach.

welcome Coach Moore and Family!